Russia, Altai, the village Askat


Welcome to homestay!!

We live in Altai, in a beautifully interesting place — the Askat village. We love and respect the nature’s beauty, and try to live in harmony with the nature. We are protecting the forest by — building a house of straw and clay. You can watch, experience and take place in local cultures, women get together sew, embroider Russian dresses, and make boots of felt. We have a beautiful guest room, and we invite you to stay with us if our ideas are close to yours.

We live in mount Altai, which is located in the Askat village. We have a lovely room for renting, where our guests can live.

Please do not expect five stars. We live modestly in village style. Bathroom and toilet are just outside. We try to create the conditions so that you can take a break from the city and the plastic.

Eco-house is ready! You can test!

room, Altay, Askat
room, Altay, Askat

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About village Askat

This famous, unique mountain village. Interesting and beautiful places in the Altai. In Askat lives painters, potters, ceramists, representatives of different religions, and just very good people. You can visit the art gallery. In walking distance from the village — the picturesque river "Katun", silver spring with healing water. Blue lakes.

Russian Culture Center in Askat

Russian Culture Center in Askat, Altay
Russian Culture Center in Askat
Russian Culture Center in Askat


Write and call in advance.

8 923 661 0733 Daria Rybalko.

Contact person in facebook - Kalinin Ilya

Skype: kalinenilya. Skype 2:  askatmilena

— Go to Chemal from Askat 20 minutes. by bus (18 km)

— to Karakol lakes 4 hours (40 km)

— to Blue Lake 2 hour walk (5 km)

— to silver spring 15 minutes walk.

— to Seminsky pass 100 km.

How to get

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Aircraft to Gorno-Altai (77 km by bus). A flight from Moscow to Gorno-Altaisk! On a bus referral Chemal. Departure from Novosibirsk bus station. Schedule depends from season. Bus ticket costs around 1050 rubles. From Barnaul buses departure 4 times in day.

Welcome to homestay!

Russia, Altai, the village Askat